Roy Marmelstein
A Stingray

Y'know like when you're in a block of flats... in a stairway and then the lights go off, so you can't see the stairs. You keep on climbing, you know you need to keep on climbing and then the last step, you think it's there but it's not. You are climbing this invisible step and at the moment your foot should have touched it, you are thrown off balance. You expected it to be there.. y'know what I mean? Well... I think that must be the most genuine feeling in the world, you can never fake that.

I called you the other day and I got a bit... I mean faster heart beat and all and I was waiting for the hollow dial tone to be replaced with your voice. My heart got faster with every dial tone and then you didn't pick up. Voice mail. I thought it was a lot like the stair thing...