Bryn Hoffman

Have you ever thought?
about how there must be a point
-in time
dusk is indistinguishable
from dawn.
Where the birds are singing their closing symphony and yet
it could be as if they had just started their prelude,
a point where the sun is just setting
and yet,
it's position in the sky is equal (at that point) horizontally with the point
across the sky,
where it had been when it had risen for dawn.
The point,
where the sleepiness you feel before closing your eyes
is the same feeling as when
you first begin to stir from your slumber.

On a bigger scale.
Have you ever thought about how
there must be a Point, if not in time at least in our consciousness,
the day turns dark or night turns light;
There must be a point where we
suddenly think:
"it is day" or
"it is night".

There are many points,
many thorns for our wandering minds to get caught on.
Like a burr on a sheepdog's fur
they hold us
and make us ponder…for a time.

Many people strive to make points about everything,
Usually nothing.
Some people do pointless things,
to make a point.

I could take these thoughts,
rather the first two "stanzas" if you will,
to make a point
about chickens and eggs.
Indeed, some of my first intentions for starting to write this were,
at that point,
to prove and answer one of man's great questions
Now. I think I'll leave it as it is.
It could grow sharp one day
but  I think it is nice sometimes for somethings
to be,
In this world full of philosophers
and  questions and scientists and documentaries and investigations and
justice and…
It is nice to leave somethings unanswered, some minds unresolved.
We need the innocence of children, don't pierce their minds with your points