Rob Miles

Hello, my name is Robert. It is 14:30 on Sunday. I moved to a small cottage in a field about 45 minutes from Brighton (in England), two weeks ago. Today is the first day I am not at work (I am an odd job boy at an art gallery on Brighton seafront) since I moved, and it is nice to actually spend time in my new abode. I have just fixed up a bike I found to cycle to the bus stop (and back) and properly settled into my room. I have a nice large Basquiat print blu-tacked to my wall, Tom Waits playing and the camouflage duvet my mum made back in the day. Things are good. After this is written, I will get a slice of bread in me, do a few things for Platforms:live event, do an oil painting of Liono, and explore the ruined house with Bryn. It's New Year's Eve tonight but I'll be in bed. I haven't had enough sleep recently, and there's lots of things I'd like to do tomorrow so I'll get the New Year started as I mean to go on - well rested and making music/art. Hope to see lots of you at Platforms:live on Saturday 6th Jan.