Julius was born from the ashes of many a thing long forgotten. In musical form the music emerges as slyebayice acoustic folk songs, with arrangements as much in debt to sigur ros and mercury rev as they are to nick drake.

Finding himself stranded in Manchester after studying music for 3 years, Julius could never quite settle into a traditional role. So rather than wasting away Julius opted for life on the road and so began a number of years of travelling, sleeping on friend's floors, making films, music and anything else that happened to crop up.

On 9th November 2006 Julius releases the first document of his travels, the Yern ep. Scribed in Aberdeen, compadre of Julius The Boy Lacks Patience kindly lent his pen and notebook for the recording of the thoughts, feelings and dreams of Julius thus far.

Julius is currently signed to his own label, Wayward Boys and Girls. These days he is mainly spending his time playing in London, but there's still plenty of travelling to be done...

Julius is very excited to meet you.