Catherine Anne Davies

London-based multi-instrumentalist Catherine Anne Davies writes dark and twisted songs about breaking people into pieces and having your heart stamped on. Repeatedly.

Catherine is a multi-instrumentalist songwriter with a passion for the darker side of folk. Praised by the NME as "kooky and spooky and very good", Catherine garnered a two-page "one to watch" feature in Blues Matters before having even released a single note on record.

Since then, her beautiful limited edition, hand-stamped EPs have been making a quiet impact both online and in the underground press. ORGAN magazine hailed the (now sold out) "Long Day EP" as "a rich warm caressing treat", collecting both their "demo of the week" and monthly awards. The EP collection, comprising songs from the "Long Day" and "Songs For the Boy Who Wouldn't Read Rilke" EPs is now available exclusively through Rough Trade, with the most recent addition of "The Piano EP" – a collection of stripped-down songs – released in December 2006.

Catherine's live shows are an intense spectacle, with her unique, heady mix of gothic blues, sultry moods and twisted melodies. This is folk-noir, with a nod to glass-breaking diva Diamanda Galas, and Nick Cave - songs to the lover, loser, and the fighter in us all. Taking in a motley hall-of-fame from Tom Waits to Kate Bush, Catherine's music shifts between the howling rage of distorted guitar anthems such as "Judas", through to the derelict church organ and yearning voice of "Ripe" (featured on the "Long Day" E.P).

Receiving a glowing METRO "one to watch" feature during her recent UK mini-tour, Catherine also spent two weeks on the front page of MySpace as their UK "Featured Artist", receiving a staggering response from a growing and loyal fan-base.