ADELE is an up and coming soulful indie singer/songwriter who’s fluttered from north London to the sea and back to settle in south London. Absorbing the sounds of the new and old for 18 years – some of her favourites are Jill Scott, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, Noisettes, Susanne Vega and Ella Fitzgerald. Influences that are present in the sounds she produces, sounds that you can’t quite put your finger on, or pin down to one genre.

She has a habit of writing anthemic sing alongs and lighter waving ballads, but yet stands out heads and shoulders above most with her impressive flare for writing. Keeping the personal meanings of her songs to herself but telling you everything at the same time, she has a knack for making you feel like you’re the one she’s writing about. Adele is running with what she loves and since finishing college in May has already had ‘Daydreamer’ played on Radio 1, has a string of gigs lined up for the summer and has pockets of the music world shuffling around for a piece of the action. With a voice that’ll stop you in your tracks and demand you listen. You might even find yourself holding your breath a little longer than usual. Certainly one to look out for…