Robert Miles
4 Star Loving

4 star loving, with every heart a home.
And they don't need to know,
And you don't need to show,
How you really feel behind your smile.
And you've know all along,
That what you do is wrong,
And you admit you're only in it for yourself.
You say you want a little peace of mind well have a piece of mine.

You said that it's cheesy but it's easier
Just to learn to follow your heart.
Well if that's true then I should probably tell you
How I've really felt from the start.
But I don't want to make
A very bad mistake
And push things far far too far.
'Cos there's been ups and downs,
Smils, yes, but also frowns,
And I don't think I'm good enough for you.
All I want is peace of mind but then my mind falls to pieces.

Get fooled singing la de da,
And only writing songs for her,
And how this love is so something new.
Distracted with the la de da,
Songs the same as the ones before,
And life's so good you don't know what to do.
But how about a song about my itches?
Or the religious content of irish ditches?
Or when you hit a post on your bike aged 8 and you needed 15 stitches?
Treat it with sugar and beat it with bliss,
Meet it late at the rusted gate,
Dump it with anger and pump it with water,
Clean the steps before you sleep.

Get fooled singing la de da,
And songs about how to get her,
and what to do now that she's gone.
We're just distracted wiht the la de da,
And how bad life is without her,
And how much you want to get it on.
But how about a song to do with sleeping?
Or maybe the litter that I'm still keeping?
Or how annoying it is to read when the bus door keeps on beeping?
Well, join it with suspicion and coin it with ease,
Put the cake sin the Aga to bake,
Clean it as a token but mean it as a joke,
Take the dogs out before it's dark.
Walk it with intention and talk it with style,
Warm your face by the fireplace,
Complete it with expletives and seat it with pride,
Take some time to stop consider,
Before you kiss the mister
4 Star loving, with every heart a home.
He's thoughtful it's a start
He's got to learn to use his heart,
If he wants to even think of being 5 star.
You never need to stray
Anywhere that way,
'Cos you've got all the friends you need.
You say you want a little peace of mind, well have a piece of mine.