Peter Clements
How To Fill A Room With Smoke

Remain upright:

spine arched just tight
to taste the marrow
of tomorrow and her glazed gaze; this time
we will skip to a beat
three, four, seven, nine and even ten again
'til tonight sees us sweep the shoe back, forth,
up to knee height; a brief encounter of snigger,
silence and then--

a grin which cues applause
to a cracked tooth; You: a crooked glint
which lets the trumpets thrust, twang, bang
on and on and on and on and on and on and
in and off and together you sweep
the clickety-click of a rhythmic "hic" - "I'm sick";

(gracefully, being watched - we smoke
far too fast).

In between sips:

we carousel beneath firework, fork and flash,
ash and smoke
and cigarettes - butt-ends of our coughs--
applause and that cacophony
catches the collar; heave-ho, the rustle, bustle,
curfuffle of sliding soles; heave-ho of soul
pouring across the dance floor like razzamatazz
high on fizz.

Bubbles rise and explode:

Reclaiming thrones to taste the height
of air; to declare - to announce and denounce -
a hiccup and a cough - and a fight
in the corner at the end of the night;
drunken pair,
in this dusk neon
cigarette filled room:

A twitch, a drag, a suck, a pull, a spark;
that look. Jazz:

We remain
upright, tapping our toes.