Kevin Tuffy

'Kevin Tuffy succeeds in bringing something new to a very old format, in a blur of punk storytelling and ego-free sincerity. Most other acoustic acts sing like they, you know, they really mean it man, whilst simultaneously proving themselves among the crème de la crème of people who don't know what they're talking about. Each of Kevin Tuffy's sentiments and observations come bearing a stamp saying 'certificate of authenticity', written in nice curly writing. See him.'

The songs are inspired by Black-American music, British punk, Grunge and Hip-Hop. Also notably the novelists Haruki Murakami, Iain Banks and Hubert Selby Jr. The poet Philip Larkin and the television show Ren & Stimpy. Tom Parrott and Mark Kovlowski are possibly the sexiest rhythm section since Paul and Ringo. The newly formed band are releasing their debut EP before 2007 is out. Catch them on tour this year also...