Ashley Reaks
Katherine glancing

Julie skids on the lilac leaves on the surface of meandering chambers.
Misery falls through the early morning mist like Jamaican parents.
She breathes out her childhood and begins to lick the bird that loves to flick moths.
Rebecca grips my lack.
I see a chasm from exile stripped down in the morning.
Dave sits on a windowsill, feeling all washed up like last year's spring
Smooth wives tinker until we both puke.
You scrub clean her shrewd youth practically empty to the touch.
A dead girl waits for a miracle.
Adam and I slip in empty fields.
The great old brethren remove their underwear.
Her troubles vanish as the panther shines on her quickly hardening mouth.
Roxanne's pussy rises like a snake charmer clubbing a bonfire.
He immediately opens her and pushes Dave onto the echoes of courage like whining trees.
Bubbling like the unoccupied mansions down dirty back-lanes, fever nibbles on his sister's palm.
I hide and watch the choir leave the forest.
She waves quietly to Katherine, glancing.