Roy Marmelstein
Ancient Modernity

Hidden trails of hidden natures
Lost in a complex maze of past
Cemented are the ruins of a people
A tapestry of destruction,death and dust
Red clay flows on skull and muscle
Golden relics turn to rust
Faded footsteps from faded cities
Drag on former buildings large and vast.

Hidden forms of hidden features
Safely lie beneath sandy dunes
Rummage briefly and you will cover
Their eerie finish with yellow fumes
Over unmarked graves of sleeping babies
Breathing out through muted wombs
The thickened air does seem to whisper
A silent alarm in every room.

Underneath landmarks, parks and museums
And under sweaty palms of tourists' feet
Lies the old and ancient city
The great city that Caesar built
His empire came, his empire went
And I will boldly dare to say
That every empire, like every dog
Will always have its day.

And the day is nearing fast...